Sunday services



Services in March

3rd March

11.00am & 6.30pm 

"An Unnatural Division"

Rev Andy Phillips

10th March 11.00am & 6.30pm "Ministry Ouside the Chapel" Rosemary Frances
17th March 11.00am & 6.30pm

"Penguin Society & the Spherical  Table "


Rev Andy Phillips
24th March 11.00am & 6.30pm
"From Darkness into Light"
Steve Hible
31st March 11.00am Only "Mothering Sunday" Rev Andy Phillips

Services in February

3rd February 11.00am & 6.30pm "Unitarians Promoting Equality: Past - Present - Future" Rev Andy Phillips
10th February 11.00am & 6.30pm

"A Lesson in Happiness"

Rev Tom & Brigitte Mc Cready
17th February 11.00am & 6.30pm "Three Hundred Years of Non-subscription" Rev Andy Phillips
24th February 11.00am & 6.30pm "Thomas Asline Ward 1781- 1871:Sheffield Reformer" Rev June Pettitt

Upcoming Events