Sunday services



Sunday Services in February

2nd February

11.00am & 6.30 pm 

Hotline to Heaven, Helpline to the Heart

We think about the diffferent types of prayer and which ones may or may not work.

Rev Andy Phillips
9th February

11.00am & 6.30 pm

Can Trust Save the World?

Which parts of our global village can we trust? Do we have any choice but to trust 'the system'? And, as B. C. Forbes the Scottish journalist suggested, is it better to be occasionally cheated than perpetually suspicious?

Rev Andy Phillips
16th February  11.00am & 6.30 pm

Letting Go

Attachments, relationships and another look at trust, from a different angle.

Rev Andy Phillips
23rd February



11.00am Places - Brigitte McCready

6.30pm Brigitte is joined by Rev Tom McCready

Brigitte McCready

Sunday Services in March

1st March



11.00am In Search of Joy - Karen Allison

6.30pm Rev Andy Phillips

Karen Allison (a.m.)
8th March



11.00am Grace Abounding - Rev Maud Robinson

6.30pm Rev Andy Phillips

Rev Maud Robinson (a.m.)

15th March 11.00am & 6.30pm

The Perils of Individualism

Individualism, with very worthy emphases such as independence and self-reliance, and more questionable ones such as competition, is arguably in the ascendancy in Western society. Yet for society to exist in a meaningful way there has to be some level of community cohesion. We look at how this is balanced both in society and also in that particular case study, the Unitarian movement, which sometimes is (unfairly) caricatured as a community of rugged individualists.

Rev Andy Phillips
22nd March 11.00am ONLY

Mothering Sunday

Our annual celebration of nurturing and motherhood, wherever they may be found.

Rev Andy Phillips
29th March  11.00am & 6.30pm

Service Title TBA

Please note that vehicular access to the Chapel courtyard will be impossible for the morning service due to the Sheffield Half Marathon taking place.


Rev Andy Phillips

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