Music Together

Upper Chapel Sheffield, Music Together

Music Together is perfect for those who wish to explore an appreciation of an eclectic variety of music genres. Consisting of an informal and varied programme of themed music appreciation evenings (listening, watching and discussing), Music Together starts at 7.00pm for 7.15pm in the Hollis Room of Upper Chapel.

Live concerts are held from time to time, usually 2 home concerts per year, and are performed in the Chapel. There is a small cost of £1.50 each for the general evenings to cover light refreshments. Admission for the live concerts is a little more, usually by ticket, which includes a buffet. Everyone is welcome at all ‘Music Together’ events. Proceeds will be donated to charity.


Upper Chapel Music Together Programme 2019

In addition to the regular meetings below there may be possible group outings eg ‘Music in the Gardens’, Opera etc. Most regular meetings start at 7.00 for 7.15pm and are on the fourth Wednesday of the month unless indicated otherwise.

Dates and times may alter so please check the most recent copy of The Record or email: if in doubt.






 26th February 20



Manju Ray

7.00 for 7.15pm

£1.50 refreshments


25th March 20

Themed Evening

"Bridges, Ferries and Water Crossings"

Mike and Anne Ramsey

7.00 for 7.15pm

£1.50 refreshments

22nd April 20

Themed Evening "The Beatles"

Bring your favourite tracks



Mike Pettitt

7.00 for 7.15pm

£1.50 refreshments


27th May 20

"Classic Steel"

Steel Band - Live Music

In the Chapel


Sarah Pickles and Catherine Carr



24th June 20

"Russian Music" An Illustrated Talk


Judy and Graham Hague

7.00 for 7.15pm


22nd July 20


"Electric Cafe"

Live Guitar, Percussion and Vocals Hollis room

Catherine Carr and Ptrick Smith

TBA (See Notices)


26th August 20

Themed Evening

"Sheffield Musicians and Performers"

Bring Your Tracks


Rita Fletcher and Steve Attwood


7.00 for 7.15pm

£1.50 Refreshments

23rd September 20

"Dancing Through the Years"

Live Music and Song

*For the Charity "First Taste"

Tom Pilkington and Phil Croft

TBA see notices


28th October 20

"Castaway Bennett"

Daryl Bennett will be interviewed by Patrick Smith

Daryl Bennett and Patreick Smith


£1.50 refreshments


25th November 20

Themed Evening

"MusicWhich Inspires you to Dance"

Bring you own Tracks

Daryl Bennett


£1.50 Refreshments


9th December 20

Short Film

"The Tailor of Gloucester" & Christmas Party

Rita Fletcher and Margaret Slater


Shared Meal

No Charge







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