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Unitarianism is an open-minded and welcoming approach to faith that encourages individual freedom, equality for all and rational thought. There is no list of things that Unitarians must believe: instead we think everyone has the right to reach their own conclusions.

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A Warm Welcome

Upper Chapel, SheffieldWelcome to Upper Chapel, a Unitarian meeting place in heart of Sheffield. Our Grade II listed building is situated on Norfolk Street in the city centre.

Membership of Upper Chapel is open to all who find themselves in sympathy with our manner of worship and spirit of fellowship. Members can, and sometimes do, belong to other denominations.

A Trust Deed, dated 1704, established Upper Chapel as simply “a Public Meeting House for the worship and service of Almighty God”.  So it remains.

No compulsory doctrine or creed is required for members or ministers. We affirm our commitment to religious freedom and our tolerance and respect for all faiths.

History & Visiting

ChaliceOur congregation was founded by James Fisher who was the Vicar of Sheffield Parish Church (now Sheffield Cathedral) during the Commonwealth of England.  Originally, the Chapel had a congregation of 1000, which was one sixth of the population of Sheffield.

Nowadays, we welcome visitors to two regular Sunday services at 11am and 6.30pm. There is usually a specific topic and the services themselves last for around an hour.

The chapel is also open from 11.30am until 1.00pm for quiet reflection every Wednesday lunchtime. At 12.15pm there is a 15 minute service based on words and music to aid contemplation. Members of the congregation often take the 15 minute service.

Upcoming Events

  • Music Together: Weds 22nd May 7pm for 7.15pm Please bring a favourite track of any musical genre. More events
  • Lunchtime Silent Meditation: Fri 24th May 12noon for 12.10pm prompt (30 mins) More events
  • Discussion Group (daytime strand): Fri 24th May 2.30pm 'Believing Unitarianly' More events
  • Service: Sun 26th May 11am primarily (6.30pm has no guest preacher) 'Faith and human rights' More events
  • Lunchtime Opening: Weds 29th May 11.30am-1pm More events
  • Upper Chapel Strollers: Sat 1st June Malcoff circular walk (11am at start, or lifts - *by arrangement* - 10am at UC) More events
  • Service: Sun 2nd June 11am only 'Unitarian Women - a legacy of dissent' More events
  • Alternative Gathering (Hollis Room): Sun 2nd June 5pm 'Eau no H2O' More events
  • Lunchtime Opening: Weds 5th June 11.30am-1pm More events